What is Digital Catapult Platinum Awards?


Over the last five years, Digital Catapult has delivered industry leading programmes and innovation activities, including CreativeXR, Augmentor, Machine Intelligence Garage, 5G Testbed Accelerator Programme, LPWAN Testbed, Immersive Labs and Cyber 101 which has lead to the development and growth of some of the most innovative and exciting startups and scaleups working with advanced digital technologies in the UK.

Digital Catapult’s Platinum Awards celebrates the eight companies judged the best to have engaged with our programmes. Those that have achieved the most traction, the most investment and the best new product or service ideas. These companies are undoubtedly the ones to watch across our focus technology areas of immersive, artificial intelligence, future networks and future focus (cybersecurity and distributed ledger technology/blockchain) and have been chosen because they demonstrate the diversity and richness of the UK’s tech ecosystem.



Congratulations to our 2019 Platinum Award winners



Humanising Autonomy

IoT Solutions




Digital Catapult Platinum Awards


Jeremy Silver

CEO, Digital Catapult

(Chair of the judging panel)

Sam Brown

Programme Manager


Scott Carey

Group Editor

IDG Media

Paul Clarke



Alissa Dhaliwal

Head of Innovation


Marcus du Sautoy FRS OBE

Simonyi Professor Public Understanding of Science, University of Oxford

Priya Guha

Venture Partner

Member of Innovate UK Council

Dame Wendy Hall

Regius Professor of Computer Science

Non-Executive Director, Digital Catapult

Imogen Heap


Producer and Engineer

Mark Melling

Head of RYOT Studio EMEA

Verizon Media

Rob Prevett

Co-Founder & CEO


Liz Rosenthal

Founder & CEO, Power The Pixel; Programmer, Venice International Film Festival; Executive Producer CreativeXR

Alexander Woolf


Romulus Holdings

Shortlisted companies

All Seeing Eye

All Seeing Eye is a creative technology design studio developing multi-sensory narrative experiences. It is a unique combination of designers, artists, and engineers adept in graphics, technology, performance, and storytelling, creating unparalleled immersive works for audiences worldwide.

Also Known As

Also Known As creates immersive story worlds that respond to how audiences feel. Using biometric data and human-centred design it is creating the next generation of training tools for high-risk jobs and developing algorithms that make interactions seamless and intuitive.

axial 3D

axial3D is a 3D printing firm that helps to transform the pre-operative planning and patient consent process while making 3D printing routine for complex cases. axial3D’s mission is to improve the quality of care that hospitals provide by giving clinicians easy access to patient-specific 3D models.

BIOS Health

BIOS combines neural engineering with machine learning to crack the code of the human nervous system. Its neural interface platform interprets the hidden language of the brain to enable more effective treatments for a range of chronic conditions, from heart disease to diabetes.

Boom Clap Play

A story first production company on a mission to inspire curiosity and encourage the art of play. Boom Clap Play work across television, gaming and VR using design, animation and audio to create stimulating experiences for your eyes, ears and brains.


ChAI helps mitigate the negative impacts of price volatility for buyers and sellers of raw materials by using Artificial Intelligence on both traditional and alternative data (including satellite, maritime shipping and text data) to forecast commodity prices.

Cyan Forensics

Cyan Forensics transforms investigators’ ability to find evidence fast and share contraband data by providing software built on new science in digital forensics. It is working towards making the world a safer place, by aiding law enforcement in catching paedophiles and terrorists.


DARKFIELD is a multi-sensory sonic theme park. Behind the doors of each shipping container a strange world unfolds. Its work is at the forefront of technology and theatre, using a variety of sensory effects to situate each audience member at the centre of intense evolving narratives.

East City Films

East City Films is the innovative production company responsible for numerous award-winning VR and AR experiences. Working with broadcasters, brands and charities, East City Films uses story-telling and new technologies to reach new audiences and transform emotions.


HoloMe is the world leader in deploying AR humans over mobile, and its mission is to revolutionise communications, e-commerce and social interaction. Its tech is proven to enhance the impact of any person-driven content thanks to the greater realism and tangibility viewers experience over ordinary video.

Humanising Autonomy

Humanising Autonomy is building the global standard of how autonomous systems interact with people. It has developed a prediction software that is able to predict pedestrian, cyclist and other vulnerable road user behaviour and intent in real-time to improve the safety of global mobility systems.

An Industrial AI company making mining operations efficient, sustainable and safe through trusted & open AI solutions. Its platform and applications are used across mining operations in Chile, Australia, Kazakhstan, Brazil & South Africa with a focus on the Mine to Marketing value chain.

IoT Solutions

IoT Solutions Group is an end to end IoT solution provider. It is not just a systems integrator, it develops and delivers its own IP across the whole IoT value chain – hardware, software & network connectivity.


Kagenova is developing deep tech to engineer realism and interactivity at the same time and scale. These new immersive technologies are powered by Kagenova’s novel artificial intelligence (AI) methods, which are tailored to virtual reality.


Mativision, a specialist in interactive 360° content and applications (VR/AR & MR), is emerging as UK pioneer in 5G services. Its 5G-ready immersive content delivery platform leverages 5G’s capabilities to enable the creation and delivery of immersive social experiences to global audiences.


Meterian aims to become the go-to platform for small and medium sized businesses’ continuous application security. Meterian’s platform secures open source components to prevent critical loss of basic functionality and security so that companies can ship software without vulnerabilities.


Metro-Boulot-Dodo brings stories to life using a blend of art and technology, it creates immersive and emotive experiences and tells compelling stories from our past and present to create a bright future.


Ori Industries is building the next generation of the cloud. Its edge technology solutions empower developers and networks to build future applications and deliver premium, innovative experiences.


See.Sense exists to make cycling better. It has developed award-winning bike lights that give cyclists more visibility on their ride, and cities more information on their roads. Its lights are used by more than 30,000 cyclists across 70 countries.


Smartia provides scalable artificial intelligence solutions that drive value from operational data by digitising industrial assets. Its unique AI and Data platform MAIO, helps unleash the value of data through machine learning to optimise production processes for any size of industrial company.


Smartify delivers an award-winning visitor guide, which is an app that allows users to scan exhibits to access related content, flexible content management and data analysis software – plus the methodology, resources and support to help arts organisations connect with visitors.


Volta is a new user interface for music production and performance. A XR application for producers and performers. Replacing knobs, buttons and sliders with space, interaction and movement to make audio production physically expressive, performative and artistic and make creating spatial audio efficient and intuitive.

VRM Tech

VRM Tech is a software firm specialising in the monitoring and measurement of energy networks in the built environment, specific to public and private sector housing. VRM has developed a central dashboard for multiple utility monitoring and building performance in mould risk and air quality.


WILD.AI exists to create technology that elevates the capabilities of the female body, starting with an AI coach, to increase the physical potential of 1mn women by 2023.

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