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Can I apply to be considered for the Digital Catapult Platinum Awards?

All companies that have participated in Digital Catapult innovation activities and programmes will be considered for the longlist. You do not need to apply.

How will the Digital Catapult Platinum Awards support trailblazer companies?

Winning a Digital Catapult Platinum Award is a mark of credibility and industry recognition as a trailblazer startup or scaleup. Platinum winners will be able to use the Digital Catapult Platinum Award’s Winner or Shortlisted logo in marketing.

Being shortlisted or winning an award will provide access to Digital Catapult’s extensive network including prospective investors, partners and clients.

Can I come to the awards ceremony?

If you would like to attend the ceremony and haven’t received an invitation by 1 November please register your interest. This is an exclusive invitation-only event so this does not guarantee your place.

Why is the ceremony by invitation only?

As with all Digital Catapult activity our main objective is to foster relationships between startups, scaleups, corporations, investors, academia and other stakeholders to support the application and adoption of advanced digital technology in the UK. As this event has a maximum capacity we want to ensure that the guests are individuals who will mutually benefit from attending.

How were the judges selected?

Digital Catapult works with the brightest and the best thought leaders and experts across industry and technology sectors. We have created a diverse panel of individuals from across our network to evaluate the companies, each with their own unique perspective.

How has diversity and inclusion been considered in the creation of the Digital Catapult Platinum Awards?

Digital Catapult champions diversity and inclusion because we feel a range of perspectives is a good thing for society and a good thing for business.

Diversity and inclusion have been key considerations that have shaped our choices as we have developed the awards programme, including the judging criteria.

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