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Congratulations to the winners of the 2019 Platinum Awards. These eight trailblazing companies have been selected from a 24-strong shortlist of startups and scaleups which are the stars of Digital Catapult’s programmes.

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Humanising Autonomy

IoT Solutions




axial3D is a 3D printing firm that helps to transform the pre-operative planning and patient consent process while making 3D printing routine for complex cases. axial3D’s mission is to improve the quality of care that hospitals provide by giving clinicians easy access to patient-specific 3D models.

From the judges

The judges were impressed with the multiple industry and technology awards that it has won for its transformative technology. Part of the Machine Intelligence Garage programme, axial3D is now helping to transform quality of care, and has contracts with multiple NHS foundations and hospital trusts.

Digital Catapult helped axial3D raise $3 million investment

axial3D is changing the digitisation of the healthcare industry with machine learning enabled solutions to prepare data for medical printing. With the development of targeted, anatomically specific computer vision algorithms to drive standardisation of image segmentation, axial3D helps to improve the accuracy of 3D prints, and ultimately to increase the market adoption of medical printing. axial3D’s vision is for “every healthcare provider to have fast and easy access to expert medical 3D printing that improves surgical outcomes for patients.”

Machine Intelligence Garage provides axial3D with access to on-demand cloud compute resources and the latest GPU technology. This resource allows axial3D to rapidly iterate on its machine learning training and increase the data throughput. Digital Catapult also recently invited axial3D to SXSW to present a patient case with a surgeon who uses axial3D for planning complex cases, giving axial3D a platform to share its story with hundreds of people.

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  • Won four year contract supplying 3D printed models to University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust and Wessex Heartbeat
  • Exposure on the BBC, ITV News, UK national newspapers, USA national news and European news
  • Won multiple industry and technology awards
  • axial3D closed investment of $3 million

“Working with Machine Intelligence Garage has allowed axial3D to accelerate the development of our software solutions. In addition to the increased compute resources, the help from Machine Intelligence Garage in terms of design and marketing is also extremely important for our company.” Dr. Niall Haslam, CTO, axial3D


Website: axial3D
Twitter: axial_3D
LinkedIN: axial3D

BIOS combines neural engineering with AI to leverage the nervous system to enable more effective treatments for a range of chronic conditions. BIOS is positioned to be the platform on which a new generation of AI treatments can be built to help billions of people suffering from chronic disease to improve their quality of life.

From the judges

One of the first five companies to join Digital Catapult’s Machine Intelligence Garage programme, BIOS has raised $4.5 million in seed funding and won research grants of over £1 million. The judges recognised this company’s ground-breaking combination of neural engineering and artificial intelligence to improve quality of life.

Digital Catapult helped position BIOS as a ground-breaking scaleup raising $4.5 million

The BIOS platform interprets the hidden language of the brain to enable more effective treatments for a range of chronic conditions, from heart disease to diabetes. Its hardware interface and machine learning software enables clinical experts to discover, translate, and scale new algorithmic treatments that are personalised, responsive and targeted. BIOS is positioned to be the platform on which a new generation of AI treatments can be built so that it can help billions of people suffering from chronic disease to improve their quality of life.

The BIOS team combines applied materials, machine learning, software, and neuroscience with the experience of surgeons, clinicians and patients. In addition, BIOS has generated the largest peripheral neural data set in the world and is leading cutting-edge machine learning research in the neuromodulation and bioelectronic medicine fields.

Since BIOS was founded during MassChallenge UK in 2015, which Digital Catapult sponsored, it has been working very closely with Digital Catapult. BIOS has most recently been a founding member of the Machine Intelligence Garage, which has been a highly beneficial programme as well. Working with Digital Catapult has been an invaluable relationship for BIOS and it is truly grateful for its ongoing involvement and support.

Beyond the connections and general support, BIOS was able to get its first Innovate UK grant with the help of Digital Catapult. Machine Intelligence Garage has been critical for BIOS, helping it get access to computation power and partners in AI, which has accelerated its R&D and its go-to-market.

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  • Raised $4.5 million in seed funding from 5+ investors
  • Opened new R&D office in Montreal, Canada
  • Won research grants worth over £1 million in total from Innovate UK, SBRI, and NIHR to support clinical validation trials for its AI tools

“We’ve been extremely fortunate to have worked closely with Digital Catapult for almost four years, helping us along the way from just starting out and into maturity and scaling. They have helped us make the right connections where we needed them, including helping us secure a £100,000 Innovate UK grant.” Oliver Armitage, CSO, BIOS


Twitter: BIOSHealth
LinkedIN: Bios-health-inc

Humanising Autonomy uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to predict pedestrian, cyclist and other vulnerable road user behaviour and intent in real-time to improve the safety of global mobility systems.

From the judges

Humanising Autonomy has recently pivoted its products into the manufacturing sector with guidance from Digital Catapult’s Machine Intelligence Garage programme. The judging panel commented that after raising $5.3 million in investment, it is now building the global standard for how autonomous systems interact with people.

Working with Digital Catapult helped Humanising Autonomy raise $5.3 million

Humanising Autonomy’s technology combines AI-powered computer vision and behavioural psychology to understand the full, nuanced range of human behaviour, and is able to predict the intentions of pedestrians, cyclists, and other vulnerable road users across cities worldwide.

As one of the early cohorts of Machine Intelligence Garage, Digital Catapult provided access to key computational resources in the early stages of Humanising Autonomy for data storage, training models, and client access via API, as well as access to potential corporate clients through industry-specific scoping workshops.

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  • Raised $5.3 million in investment
  • Accelerated and powered the rate at which predictive models could be trained
  • Enabled the hire of a new full-time employee (a 20% increase in human power)
  • Facilitated collaboration with other AI businesses and startups
  • Opened doors for new opportunities in the manufacturing industry

“Digital Catapult gave us the freedom to be able to experiment and figure things out. Being part of a network meant that we could collaborate with others, in addition to giving us access to key computational resources on the cloud in the early stages of our company.” Raunaq Bose, CTO, Humanising Autonomy


Twitter: humanisingauto
LinkedIN: humanising-autonomy

An industrial artificial intelligence company making mining operations efficient, sustainable and safe through trusted and open AI solutions. Its platform and applications are used across mining operations in Chile, Australia, Kazakhstan, Brazil and South Africa with a focus on the mine-to-marketing value chain.

From the judges

The judges commented that this company demonstrated an impressive international reach and projected growth rate. One of Digital Catapult’s Machine Intelligence Garage programme cohort members – access to compute power and expertise helped this company to develop new products and build a global export market. It has doubled headcount and expanded internationally.

Working with Digital Catapult enabled to develop new products and expand into new markets overseas has developed a unique software that improves the efficiency of processes throughout the mine-to-market value chain. Support from Digital Catapult and the UK’s Department for International Trade has helped to expand is cloud-based product offering. was able to make its products cloud-agnostic and was able to access machine learning resources for model training that it would not have otherwise available. This was made possible through the access to AWS provided by the Digital Catapult’s Machine Intelligence Garage programme. As a result, was able to expand its technical team. Additionally, it was able to win contracts in Kazakhstan and Chile based on its cloud-agnostic offering. This helped to build an export market for’s innovative AI solutions.

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  • Significantly enhanced the ability to train new models and therefore speed up the development of new products
  • Solved interoperability challenge to successfully deliver joint venture with Kazakhstan Government
  • Built an export market for UK AI solutions
  • Doubled headcount and expanded to three offices in Latin America, Kazakhstan and Spain
  • Demonstrated its claims to be a cloud-agnostic platform

“Working with Digital Catapult allowed us to expand our cloud-based software offering and gave us access to computational resources and tools that we otherwise wouldn’t have had. This allowed us to expand our technical team and consequently development new products for the mining industry to move into new markets.”
Dr. Grant Kopec, Field Operations Director


Twitter: IntelliSenseio
LinkedIN: IntelliSense-io

IoT Solutions Group is an end to end provider delivering across the whole IoT value chain – from hardware, software, network connectivity and vital data insight.

From the judges

The judges commented that IoT Solutions Group was very responsive to today’s client demands and provided a range of connected solutions. Now working with a range of organisations and local authorities around the UK, this company was part of the LPWAN Testbed. Digital Catapult supported it to grow and scale, after receiving a €58,000 grant to support product development across the whole IoT value chain.

Digital Catapult has helped IoT solutions grow and scale

IoT Solutions Group designs and manufactures its own sensing devices, collecting and presenting data to customers in a tailored and meaningful way. The provision of timely and powerful insight enables customers to make informed decisions, improving efficiency and delivering greater value to their own stakeholders.

By listening to, and working in partnership with customers, the power of the solutions are multiplied – addressing individual organisational needs in a focused manner.

IoT Solutions Group works with Digital Catapult and has competed in, and won, three local authority challenges. The company features as one of Digital Catapult’s Future Networks Lab startup showcasing companies. Having worked with Digital Catapult for an extensive period it has also participated in marketing bootcamps and Investors’ Breakfasts. It is now working with Digital Catapult as its Cascade Partner, having won FED4SAE funding to further develop one of its core products.

The close relationship with Digital Catapult has hugely impacted IoT Solutions Group – helping it to gain traction within its target market early on. The relationship has opened fresh opportunities to launch products in Europe and recently obtaining two new major business leads.


  • Formed strong working partnerships with other innovative businesses
  • Competed in and won three local authority challenges
  • Showcasing product in Future Networks Lab to be seen by visiting corporations, innovators and potential customers
  • Hosted a workshop for 17 councils at Digital Catapult
  • Gained traction with target market early on

“We wouldn’t be where we are today without the opportunities and support given to us by Digital Catapult. It has opened doors for us and given us the ability to grow and scale. We have been on quite a journey during the past 18 months and are incredibly excited to be travelling our chosen path. Thank you!” Emma Mahy, CEO & Co-Founder


Twitter: @SolnGroupIoT

LinkedIN: iot-solutions-group

Mativision, a specialist in interactive 360° content and applications (VR/AR and MR), is emerging as a UK pioneer in 5G services. Its 5G-ready immersive content delivery platform leverages 5G’s capabilities to enable the creation and delivery of immersive social experiences to global audiences.

From the judges

A UK pioneer in cross-technology applications, this company was part of Digital Catapult’s 5G Testbed Accleerator Programme and the 5G Smart Tourism project. Mativision has seen a 40% increase in sales revenue in the past 18 months and raised total seed round investment of over £650,000. The Platinum Awards judging panel commented how this company’s 5G-enabled immersive content streaming platform is changing how audiences experience content.

Specialist 5G support from Digital Catapult has influenced Mativision’s product design and positioning of its services

London based Mativision has been producing and delivering interactive 360° content and immersive applications to global clients for more than a decade. From live entertainment to enterprise training and medical education its clients include Facebook, Google, Samsung, FOX, MTV, Universal, Warner Bros, Vodafone, Unilever, Novartis, Jeep, Fiat, Coach and others. Mativision is widely recognised worldwide as the trusted partner for the live streaming of events in virtual reality. Mativision has developed the first 5G-ready immersive content delivery platform which enables the creation and delivery of exciting live-streamed immersive social experiences to global audiences.

Through the 5G Testbed Accelerator Programme Digital Catapult helped Mativision to align its product roadmap with the 5G roadmap. The specialist 5G support provided by Digital Catapult has influenced Mativision’s product design, helped it repurpose and position its services and solutions for the future, generate new business leads and build its brand awareness in new and existing markets.

Read the full Mativision success story


  • Raised total seed round investment £655,000
  • Received £120,000 funding to participate in 5G Smart Tourism project and develop a 5G-enabled version of its immersive content streaming platform
  • 40% increase sales revenue in the past 18 months
  • Export revenue increased by 75%
  • Participated in funded R&D projects of a total of £312,000

“Digital Catapult is a most valuable partner for Mativision. Apart from serving as a continuous source of information and market knowledge for us, it is also an invaluable provider of technical support and business expertise, which allows us to aim for growth and expansion to new market sectors.” Anthony Karydis, Founder and CEO, Mativision


LinkedIN: mativision

See.Sense creates award-winning products that make cyclists safer on the road, and technology that generates the data cities need to build better transport infrastructure.

From the judges

The multiple award winning product created by this company is used by more than 50,000 people in over 70 countries, and is now stocked by major UK retailers.

Part of Digital Catapult’s LPWAN Testbed and the Future Networks Lab showcase, See.Sense raised more than £1.1 million investment to build better infrastructure from Dublin to Oxfordshire, Lincolnshire to Belfast.

Digital Catapult helped See.Sense springboard from concept to commercial products

Cities want to encourage and enable more people to cycle but planners need better data insights to plan more efficiently and improve conditions for cycling. See.Sense is working to bring the whole community of cyclists together, with technology, to improve journeys for everyone. Through its award-winning technology that gives cyclists more visibility on their ride, and cities more information on their roads.

See.Sense first featured in Digital Catapult’s Autumn showcase in 2016 and were the first small to medium enterprise to connect to the LPWAN Testbed, receiving a highly commended award for its project in Cambridge. From this it developed a LoRaWAN device to integrate into Belfast City Council’s Bike Share scheme and have now further developed this technology further using NB-IoT in collaboration with Vodafone, for commercial launch of this tech along with a consumer theft tracking device in 2020.


  • Featured in Digital Catapult showcase now used by 50,000 cyclists and sold in 70 countries
  • Developed LPWAN device to integrate into Belfast City Council’s Bike Share Scheme
  • Collaboration with Vodafone for commercial launch
  • Won Smart Cycling Challenge SBIR in Dublin
  • Raised £1.1 million investment
  • Stocked by major retailers including Halfords and Evans
  • Won multiple industry and technology awards
  • Won EU project Synchronicity which led to commercial projects in Oxfordshire and North East Lincolnshire

“We’ve worked with Digital Catapult over a number of years, and have found them to be at the cutting-edge of expertise. The team have a positive, “can-do” approach and deep insight into the industry. We’ve found their support invaluable, enabling us to springboard from concept to commercial products.” Philip McAleese, CEO, See.Sense


Twitter: seesense_cc
LinkedIN: See-sense

Smartify is a free app which helps people connect with art. Users can scan artwork with a smartphone and, using Smartify’s image recognition technology, unlock the stories behind the art, create a digital personal art collection and share with the Smartify community. Smartify delivers immersive visitor experiences.

From the judges

Playing a key role in Digital Catapult’s creative industries showcase and the pioneering 5G Smart Tourism project, the judges noted that Smartify has seen its valuation rocket by 300%.

Actively used by half a million people around the world, and found in more than 150 museums globally from the Louvre to the Hermitage, this company is recognised as the Shazam and Spotify for art.

Smartifiy’s business valuation has increased by 300%

Smartify instantly identifies artworks by scanning them on a smartphone. It works closely with over 150 museums globally to deliver immersive visitor experiences that are smart and sustainable. Featured in publications including BBC, The Guardian and The New Scientist, Smartify has been named ‘the Shazam and Spotify of art’. The app currently has over half a million active users.

In February 2017, Smartify began working with Digital Catapult when it was selected as showcase, since then the company has also collaborated on the 5G Smart Tourism project where Smartify was a use case and has jointly presented on numerous discussion panels and workshops.

Since 2017, the company valuation has increased by approximately 400% from £1 million to £5 million. Smartify attribute at least 30% of this increased value to Digital Catapult. It has introduced Smartify to investors and provided training in pitching – this led indirectly to closing its current round. The Catapult has also supported Smartify on successful bids to Innovate UK and the EU Horizon 2020 programme. Smartify also met many useful collaborators within the AR, Immersive, Creative Industries and academic sectors at the Digital Catapult offices and benefited from press launches organised by the catapult, featuring Smartify, which have driven its initial uptake and growth.

As well as direct financial value from professional services, Smartify has also seen a huge value from the credibility and impact of being a startup associated with Digital Catapult.

Read the full Smartify success story


  • Valuation of business increased by 300%, 30% as a direct result of working with Digital Catapult
  • Winner of three Webby Awards
  • Angel funding received
  • Won the UN World Summit Award for Culture and Tourism
  • Smartify is actively working with 150 museums globally
  • Over half a million active users

“Since we joined the Digital Catapult programme, Smartify’s company valuation has increased by approximately 300%. We attribute at least 30% of this increased value to Digital Catapult.”
Anna Lowe Co-Founder, Smartify


Website: Smartify
Twitter: _Smartify
LinkedIN: smartify—your-personal-digital-curator